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Survival Systems is committed to providing the best possible instruction in emergency underwater escape training. To reach this goal, we have developed the Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS™) to replicate marine compartments and specific aircraft configurations, and the METS™ is used in simulating and learning how to survive from a ditching situation or a marine accident. A natural extension of this training relates to the trials and evaluations on hazards, egress, and procedures relating to the improvement of aircraft and marine safety.

The scientific reports listed below demonstrate the wide range of Human Factors research that Survival Systems can offer. Such research includes conducting all types of helicopter and fast rescue craft underwater escape testing using a configuration of different seating arrangements, stroking seats, exits, and cabin configurations.

Different safety survival equipment such as NBC respirators, emergency breathing apparatus, and life jackets can be evaluated.

Survival Systems has a close affiliation with The CORD Group Limited, an onsite company that has a wave tank, an instrumented thermal manikin for measuring the CLO value of immersion suits and heat loss characteristics of other protective garments, and a RAMM manikin with an instrumented nose and mouth for evaluating the performance of lifejackets.

In conjunction with Dalhousie University, we conduct human R&D experiments for the marine and offshore oil industries on a wide range of topics such as evacuation, escape, and survival from oilrigs using TEMPSCs and the effect of survival suits and lifejackets on boarding liferafts.

Survival Systems’ staff involved in R&D have many years of experience in maritime, aviation, and submarine operations and are very competent to conduct your applied research.

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