The Model 5 replicates small to medium and longer commercial helicopters (i.e., Bell 206) and small fixed-wing aircraft having two or four seats and a centre extension, making it 31” (78.74 cms) longer than the METS® Model 3. The Model 5 includes a cockpit and can incorporate four interchangeable emergency exits. It is also ideal for start-up training operations with larger markets.

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METS® Model 5 can be customized to suit your needs. Please see the options below. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Characteristics Specifications
Overall Length 159” (4039 mm)
Overall Interior Width 75″ @ 11″ Elevation (1900 mm @ 287 mm)

69″ @ 54″ Elevation (1753 mm @ 1372 mm)

Interior Height 62″ (1575 mm)
Outside Diameter 82” (2083 mm)
Cradled Height 106” (2692 mm) (From Trolley Shackle to Floor)
Cradled Height (Without Trolley) 89” (2260 mm) (Top of Ring to Floor)
Weight (With Interior Components) Approximately 3450 lbs (1565 kg)
Weight (With Maximum Passengers) Approximately 5200 lbs (2359 kg)
Maximum Passengers Immersed 8 (at 175 lbs {80 kg} Per Passenger)
Maximum Passengers Surface Evacuation 10 (at 175 lbs {80 kg} Per Passenger)
Number of Interchangeable Exit Panels 4 at Any One Time
Interior Configuration Options Multiple / Unlimited
Helicopter / Aircraft Types Multiple / Unlimited (175+ Escape Exits Already Designed)
Fixed Wing Adaptable Yes
METS™ Preferred Lift Handling System Options Survival Systems’ Man-Lift Rated Model 6,000 lb Launch, Operation, and Recovery System (LORS) or Cross Gantry Hoist (XGH™) with Dual Drives, Dual Cabling, Redundant Retract System, and Fail-Safe Leveling Plate
On Site Commissioning, Maintenance

Training Required (to Validate Warranties)

Aircraft Ditching Training Required Yes
Color Interior / Exterior – Dark Blue
Rotation System (Passive) 180 Degree Inversion via Buoyancy Pods
Brake System (Pneumatic) Supply 150 psi (10.2 bar) to Air System Mounted on Lift System

Operating Pressure 65 psi (4.42 bar) Minimum

Operating Pressure 100 psi (6.8 bar) Maximum

0.34 Cubic Feet Per Cycle @ 1 atm (1 bar)

  • Model 12000 lb (LORS)
  • Model 12000 lb  SmartJib™
  • Cross Gantry Hoist (XGH™)
  • Twin Gantry Hoist (TGH™)
  • Falck Safety Services (Dubai, UAE)
  • Enertech Qatar (Doha, Qatar)
  • Louisiana Technical College (Louisiana, USA)
  • Shell Robert Training Center (Louisiana, USA)
  • NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab (Texas, USA)
  • Falck Safety Services (Louisiana, USA)
  • SSSI (Kristiansand, Norway)
  • Grand Isle Shipyard (Louisiana, USA)
  • AAST&MT (Alexandira, Egypt)
  • Challenger Learning Center (Alaska, USA)
  • Armed Forces R.O.C. (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • M&A Safety Services (Louisiana, USA)
  • Falck Safety Services (Bang Poo, Thailand)
  • Falck Safety Services (Texas, USA)
  • Falck Safety Services (Vung Tau, Vietnam)
  • Falck Safety Services (Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico)
  • Polish Navy (Gdnask, Poland)
  • Falck Safety Services (Oostende, Belgium)
  • PT Samson Tiara (Balikpapan, Indonesia)
  • Falck Safety Services (Bremerhaven, Germany)
  • Tolmann Allied (Port Harcourt, Nigeria)
  • Project Maritime Training (Saldanha Bay, South Africa)
  • Falck Safety Services (Louisiana, USA)
  • Falck Safety Services Houston (Texas, USA)
  • LymConsults (Warri, Nigeria)
  • Falck Safety Services (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Vulcan Training Center (Szczecin, Poland)

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