HUET Instructor & Diver Programs


SSL offers a full range of training solutions for our clients including HUET Instructor and Diver programs for both military and oil & gas operations. Our military training programs are customized for each client to fit their specific equipment and different aircraft configurations. HUET Instructor programs can range from 3 days to multiple weeks of training depending on the experience of trainees, and the level of detail required by the client. All HUET training programs can be delivered at our clients site, or onsite at SSL’s training facility in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Operator & Maintenance Technician Training


SSL provides training and certification on the operation of the METS® and Personnel-Rated Lift System as well as equipment specific maintenance training. Examples of our training programs and certifications are listed below:

  1. METS® Service Technician Maintenance Training Certificate; Levels 1, 2, or 3
  2. Personnel-Rated Lift System Maintenance & / or Operator Certificate
  3. Theater Systems Maintenance & / or Operator Certificate

The Maintenance Technician and Operator Training can be delivered in combination form of both classroom and / or hands-on training that will take place over the days that SSL’s Technical Specialist(s) are on site for the Annual Maintenance Program. SSL’s Technical Specialist(s) will provide certification as indicated above to the Client’s personnel who complete the required training and meet all criteria for certification.


Facility Approval Consultation & Training


We offer full consultation services for our clients looking to gain industry recognized approvals (OPITO, ISO, etc.). These approval programs include facility design, instructor/staff development, administrative practices, and much more.


Offshore Oil & Gas Training

Through our clients SSL can direct you to training facilities around the world to obtain the certifications you require. Our network of clients can offer a wide range of training including the following:

  • CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers)
  • OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization)
  • Norwegian Oil & Gas Association
  • + Many More

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