Survival Systems’ high-fidelity wind fans provide an unparalleled level of performance, flexibility, and realism to creating real-like environmental scenarios in a controlled training environment.  An impressively powered fiber reinforced nylon high-performance rotor is combined with SEW quality TEFC motors to make variable speed driven wind speeds of 0-30kts at 30 feet easily attainable.  Units are standard with in / out foreign object screens, and vibration monitor interlocks.

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Wind Fans can be customized to suit your needs. Please see the options below. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Product Details


  • Powder coated cone and structure for excellent corrosion resistance, custom color scheme available on request
  • Adjustable positioning base, floor mounted poolside, wall mounted
  • Combined with SSL’s control cabinet, each unit is individually protected with state-of-the-art residual current monitoring as well as standby insulation monitoring
  • Light, moderate, heavy steady as well as light, moderate, heavy gusty routines are included and can be customized to meet client preferences


Overall Dimensions

  • 60” (152cm) axial length x 50” (127cm) Intake Diameter.

Operating Speed

  • 200 – 2500 rpm, variable speed driven via WI-CN control cabinet.

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